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Supporting Your Business in Wayne County
                  (315) 597-4468


We are very interested in promoting your business to the communities we live in, send our kids to school in, work in, and relax in. We feel it should be a priority of each of our municipalities and schools to look local first for their purchasing needs. We have been working diligently to advocate our member businesses with the public sector and promote this cause through presentations, and involvement from members of the following institutions with our council. If you are involved with a school or municipality, and see the big picture of buying local supports local both on a public and private level, please contact us about getting involved!

Towns of Wayne County

 Arcadia -315-331-1222        fax: 315-331-8854
 Butler -315-594-2719          fax: 315-594-9324
 Galen -315-923-7259           fax: 315-923-3421
 Huron -315-594-8074          fax: 315-594-8075
 Lyons -315-946-6252           fax: 315-946-0060
 Macedon -315-986-5932      fax: 315-986-4172
 Marion -315-926-4271         fax: 315-926-3502
 Ontario -315-524-3441        fax: 315-524-4903 
 Palmyra -315-597-5521       fax: 315-597-4013
 Rose -315-587-4418            fax: 315-587-2845
 Savannah -315-365-2811    fax:315-365-3885
 Sodus -315-483-4430          fax: 315-483-4083
 Walworth -315-986-1400    fax: 315-986-1440
 Williamson -315-589-2038  fax:315-589-9326
 Wolcott -315-594-9431       fax: 315-594-6572

Villages of Wayne County

 Clyde -315-923-3971                fax: 315-923-7805
 Lyons -315-946-4531               fax: 315-946-6206
 Macedon -315-986-3976          fax: 315-986-3444
 Newark -315-331-4770            fax: 315-331-9767
 Palmyra -315-597-4849           fax: 315-597-9606
 Red Creek -315-754-6201        fax: 315-754-6201
 Sodus -315-483-9821               fax: 315-483-6154
 Sodus Point -315-483-9881     fax: 315-483-0913
 Wolcott -315-594-9501           

If you find any errors within any of these listings, please contact us so we can correct the issue.

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